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         All questions have been answered before in the class notes. Just look at the notes and you should be able to answer all questions.

         You can take pictures of each page in your answer sheet using an iPhone or digital camera and email to me or you can scan and email me the answers

1.       Give 2 examples of how Arabic script is different than Ottoman script and explain the reasons.

2.       What is the meaning of بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

3.       What does it mean when the President of United States says in the Name of the American People? Compare this example to saying in the name of Allah

4.       What is the meaning of الحمد لله. What are the roots of the words الحمد، الله

5.       Why الرحمن الرحيم was repeated twice in Surat Al-Fatiha; once in Ayah 1 and another time in Ayah 3?

6.       Is Surat Al-Fatiha, the word العالمين is it single or plural? And what does it refer to?

7.       What is the meaning of the word رب

8.       What do you understand from the statement رب العالمين

9.       What are the opposites of the following words; الحمد، الله، الشيطان، كافر، القسوة، القاسي، حامد، يعصي، العابد، يستغني، يضل، المهتدين، المرضي عنهم.

10.   What is the opposite of الصراط المستقيم . Where does it start and where does it end?

11.   If Allah is الحليم then how come he is angry with المغضوب عليهم، what did they do so that they make Allah so angry?

12.   What are the two kinds of Hidaya الهداية?

13.   Fill in the blanks in the following table



الحمد لله


رب العالمين








يوم الدين


إياك نعبد


إياك نستعين




المغضوب عليهم


أنعمت عليهم






الصراط المستقيم


14.   Why do we say آمين after the Imam in our prayers

15.   What is the meaning of the word الإخلاص

16.   What is the difference between the two names of Allah الواحد، الأحد

17.   Give examples from life of how Allah is الصمد

18.   What is the difference between الحسد، الغيرة

19.   What are the things that we are asking Allahís protection from in Surat الفلق

20.   Which Surah in the Quran that has lots of words and their opposite?

21.   Write the opposites of the following words (شبعان، فقير، سريع، بعيد، قصير، جميل، مبلول)

22.   Each Ayah in Surat الشمس ends with the pronoun ها. This pronoun refers to something. Mention to what the pronoun ها refers to in Ayat 4 to 14 in the Surah.

23.   In Surat عبس, Ayah 3, has two pronouns. What are they and to whom do they refer?

24.   Translate the following to Arabic. You may use the following dictionary (http://www.arabicenglishdictionary.org/) or any other dictionary you have

a.       You are too busy watching TV until you miss the Magrib time

b.      You will postpone eating your food until it spoils

c.       You keep fasting until it is Magrib time

d.      If you find my wallet, then call me

e.      If you see the bus, then ride

f.        If you have five dollars, then give them to me

g.       All boys are busy except two

h.      All toys are broken except this doll

i.         I donít like to talk to anyone except you

j.        Indeed all good deeds will be rewarded by Allah

k.       For sure, you will see hell fire by your own eyes

25.   Find and circle the confirmation Lams لام التوكيد In the following text from Surat المطففين